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Hi y'all, I'm new.

I'm a big Simpson's fan but for the life of me I cannot remember the name of an episode, so therefor I cannot look it up to see what season it's in.

I'm looking for the episode that is a parody of Lord of the Flies, where Bart and friends get stranded on an island and etcetera... it's been abotut eight years since I've seen it but I really want to find it! I know it's not in seasons 1-4 because I have them and I saw it before 2004, so it's somewhere in there.

Also, season, episode numbers, and titles for any other Simpson's episodes that are classic literature references/parodies would be awesome, I'm a future English teacher nerd. :o)

Thank you!
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haha i watched that episode in english class after we read the book
Best line: "Go Banana"